Berg Manufacturing Since 1883


Rugged Cabin is a product line from Berg Companies, one of the oldest, continuously operated businesses in the State of Washington. Originally founded by Fredrick Oliver Berg in 1883 under the name F.O. Berg. In 1889 Berg became firmly established as a major camp supplier due to the Great Spokane Fire, which destroyed most of the downtown area. In the aftermath of the fire, Berg tents sprang up all over the city and remained throughout the rebuilding process.

Over a century later, Berg maintains this legacy. Although our products have changed significantly over the years to meet the evolving needs of our customers, our pioneering spirit has remained.

Today we offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and services uniquely designed to meet the needs of remote camp customers around the world. The latest product line is the Rugged Cabin built in our 120,000+ square foot manufacturing facility in Spokane, Washington.

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