customized container cabin

Completely Customizable

Each Rugged Cabin is custom built to suit your needs. We have many different options and customizations available and years of experience manufacturing custom shelters for military and commercial customers to ensure we have the solution for you. The pictures below may not accurately represent the customization.

We have separated customizations into structural options, finishing options, and integration options. Please look through these options as a starting point for creating a quote.

Exterior Door

Exterior Door

Structural Options

We have year of experience making modifications to shipping containers. Our engineers ensure the structural integrity of your Rugged Cabin. 

Wood Finish

Wood Finish

Finishing Options

Whether you're looking for a rusted old container look or a bright and shiny cabin, we finish the interior and exterior to fit your needs. 

Solar Power

Solar Power

Integration Options

We can integrate a variety of off-grid and on-grid options for power, bunk beds, tables and full kitchen setups. If you can imagine it we've probably done it.

Structural Options


All exterior doors are properly reinforced to maintain the structural integrity of the Rugged Cabin, maintaining snow load and security. 


The Original Rugged Cabin comes standard with one interior window. We can add other exterior windows to let some light in.


We can manufacture almost anything you can imagine. 

Framing 06.JPG


Standard Rugged Cabins are framed with 2x4, but we can use metal studs and other options to suit your needs

rugged cabin false wall

False Wall

False walls are standard in the original rugged cabin and can be added to any cabin.

finished roof

Finished Roof

We can attach a ladder and finish the roof to provide extra space to enjoy the outdoors.

Finishing Options

wood walls


Walls can be finished with plywood, drywall or aluminum with varnish and paint to give your cabin the look and feel you desire.

rugged cabin floor


Easy to clean out linoleum, non-stick rubber, classic hardwood and other flooring options are available.

rugged cabin orange paint

Exterior Finish

We can finish the exterior of your rugged cabin with any color paint you request, we can even apply camouflage or sandblast your Rugged Cabin.

rugged cabin kitchen

RV Style Kitchen

Small and fully functional kitchens can be installed in any Rugged Cabin to provide the ability to cook and clean in your Rugged Cabin.

cabin toilet

RV Style Bathroom

We installed flushing and non-flushing toilet options and full bathroom setups that take minimal space and are easily maintained.

basic electrical package

Basic Electrical Package

The Basic Electrical Package includes an exterior power connection to supply power to 4 interior receptacles and 2 fluorescent lights.

extra receptacle

Extra Receptacle

You can choose the locations and capability of your electrical package to power anything you require including heaters and air conditioners.


Our shelves allow you to store all the things you need in plain view, easy to grab. We can build shelves to match your needs.


These cabinets allow you to store food and other supplies away and also provide excellent counter space.

Bunk Bed

Our sturdy bunk beds are an excellent way to conserve space and get a great night’s rest. Twin over twin, mattresses are included.


The couch is perfect for getting a few guys around the wood stove after a long day hunting. It’s wood framed for that rustic look and feel.

Integration Options

Wood Stove

Our wood stove options provide more than adequate heating in even the coldest environments.

Wall-Mount Propane Heater

Our wall-mount propane heater provides a temperature controlled environment and is very efficient.

Electric Heating/Cooling

Our ECU (environmental control unit) provides A/C and heating adequate for any climate. (requires basic electrical package)

Ventilation Fans

We highly suggest using ventilations fans if cooking or heating using propane to reduce the risk of CO.

Gas Generator

The Generator allows you to have off-grid power with little investment to charge your devices or even power a TV or an ECU.

Wind Turbine

The wind turbine provides power for extended stays in the backcountry without the need for refueling. This is an excellent choice for consistently windy areas.

Solar Panels

The solar panels on the Rugged Cabin allow for extended stays in the backcountry without the need for refueling. Different sizes are available depending on your needs.

Battery Array and Inverter

The battery array allows you to store the power from generator, solar and or wind power options to use at another time. Sizes vary depending on need.